Vue de l'exposition "Dans le blanc des yeux, masques primitifs du Népal"
09 Nov 2010 09 Jan 2011

Right in the eyes

Primitive masks from Nepal

This winter, the musée du quai Branly will showcase an exceptional set of 22 primitive masks from Nepal donated by the collector, Marc Petit, in 2003.

About the exhibition

The Nepalese hills are populated by tribal societies which were neither Buddhist nor Hindu at the outset. The best known are the Magars, the Gurungs, the Tamangs, the Rais and the Lumbus. These masks, some of which were probably linked to the ongoing practice of shamanism, have been used for centuries. They take the form of ancestral faces, mythical figures, demons and buffoons and express the imprint of shamanism and ancestral beliefs on these tribal societies' everyday life and rituals.

But these masks have not been thoroughly researched and are not yet widely known. They started to emerge on the global scene about thirty years ago and have seduced a small number of enthusiasts by their brutal strangeness. One of them was Marc Petit, who started collecting them and became one of the first to understand that their brutality was the result of a very clever art form. He donated some exceptional pieces to the musée du quai Branly.


    • Stéphane Breton and Marc Petit
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    From Tuesday 09 November 2010 at Sunday 09 January 2011
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