study at the mediatheque

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The study and research mediatheque

The study and research mediatheque is open to researchers; here they can consult printed, sound and audiovisual documents, carry out in-depth research for a university or on a personal level, prepare a visit to the museum in the context of a class project.



To register - justification for the research must be provided (student card, professional card, research and/or motivation certificate).  An identity photograph must also be provided

Registration at the mediatheque


consultation of documents

- free access: reference works set out by continent, specialist reviews – latest issues or complete collections;

- upon request

Most documents are conserved in storage spaces.

Communication of a maximum of 10 documents

- on the documentary web portal

40 computers give access to ever-increasing scientific documentation: on-line catalogues, electronic journals, data bases, links with websites, CD/DVDs, programming schedule of the Jacques Kerchache reading room


the mediatheque catalogue



- Advance booking of works –from 1 to 4 days, up to 10 documents


- Photocopy and printing black and white

some documents may not be photocopied for conservation reasons

- Interlibrary loan

A service which enables the visitor to consult documents which are available in libraries outside the Paris region.  Please contact us for more information



- Room for group work sessions (8 people)


- Lockers for bulky objects Please make sure you have a euro coin


Opening hours

Tuesday, Wednesday, from 11am to 7pm

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, from 11am to 9pm

Closed on Mondays, Sundays and public holidays

Closure from Tuesday 12 to Saturday 23 August



5th floor, special lift from the entrance hall

Access to visitors with reduced mobility

Cabin available for blind or partially sighted visitors


The precious collections exhibition room

To consult documents from the iconotheque and reserve collections.