comité d'évaluation scientifique du musée du quai Branly


  • Stéphane Martin, President of Quai Branly Museum;
  • Emmanuel Désveaux, anthropologist, North American specialty;
  • Thierry Dufrêne, art historian, specialist in contemporary art history;
  • Michael Houseman, anthropologist, specialist is West African art;
  • Monique Jeudy-Ballini, anthropologist, art anthropology and Oceania specialist;
  • Madeleine Leclair, anthropologist, ethnomusicology specialist;
  • Pierre Lemonnier, anthropologist, Oceania specialist;
  • Jean-Pierre Mohen, archeologist, Neolithic and proto-history specialist;
  • Dominique Poulot, historian, specialist in the European history of heritage theory;
  • Gilles Tarabout, anthropologist, India and Upper Asia specialist;
  • Anne-Christine Taylor, anthropologist, Amazonia specialist.

Quai Branly Museum’s Scientific Evaluation Committee makes decisions regarding: 

  • Requests or proposals by researchers;
  • Research projects proposed by researchers who want to do work with certain collections or on a theme related to museology;
  • Applications for doctoral and post-doctoral study scholarships, addressed to the museum, in response to a call for bids;
  • Thesis prize awards;
  • Results of research undertaken by Quai Branly scholarship holders and researchers.

This committee, when it deems necessary, shall have the option to call on outside experts.