the Americanists society

the Americanists society

A society whose aim is to spread knowledge about americanist research.

The société des Américanistes was founded in 1895; its aim is to disseminate research on American-Indian societies and cultures. It is a state-approved non-profit making scientific society, governed by the French law of 1901.  Since its creation, it has contributed to the development of Americanism through its regular meetings (10 per year), its periodic and intermittent publications and its three International Americanist Congresses held in Paris in 1928, 1947 and 1976.  With the help of the CNRS and the Centre National du Livre, it publishes a Journal which expresses present day trends in Americanism (92 volumes have already been published).

A society with an international vocation

Although its head office is based in Paris, the Society has an international vocation.  Its Journal publishes articles in the main languages of the New World.  In particular, it enables Americanists often working alone and with limited means of distribution to take part in forums where they can express their ideas and to publish their work in its publications. The Journal is distributed in approximately 150 libraries and institutions throughout the world.

An active, dynamic society

With its 400 members, the Society welcomes new members every year: anthropology, archaeology and linguistic students and researchers as well as enthusiasts and devotees of America, past and present.


If you wish to correspond with the Society or become a member, please contact:

musée du quai Branly
222, rue de l'Université
75343 Paris cedex 07 (France)

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