society for Oceanists

The Society for Oceanists is a group of people interested in the socio-cultural world of Australia, Melanesia and the large Polynesian triangle. These lands, spread out over a vast maritime space, are places of memory for the people who inhabit them and have created many different forms of social and cultural organizations.

The Society for Oceanists is a non-profit association that was created in 1945 at the musée de l'Homme in Paris. It evolved from two older learned societies: the Society for Oceanian Studies, founded in Papeete (Tahiti), and the Society for Melanesian Studies, founded in Nouméa (New Caledonia). Its headquarters are at the musée du quai Branly. The purpose of the Society for Oceanists’ activities is to facilitate and exchange views in diverse areas that have as much to do with the human and social sciences as with natural sciences. These activities include the organization of meetings and symposiums, as well the Society of Oceanists’ journal and its publications.

The Journal of the Society for Oceanists

The role of the Journal of the Society for Oceanists (French-language acronym, JSO), which has been in existence since 1945, is to publish scientific articles about Oceania (broadly speaking), especially those that have to do with the past and present of its populations.

The JSO publishes two issues a year (or a double issue), with the help of the CNRS and the CNL.

For some years now, each volume has been created around a thematic file, in which we include our customary headings (miscellaneous, news, progress reports on works, and lists of accepted works…).

The following our some of our older files

- projects concerned with Oceanian regions:

  • Special issue on Micronesian pluralities (JSO 112)
  • Special New Caledonia issue (JSO 117)
  • Special French Polynesia issue (JSO 119)

- thematic issues

  • Tribute to Jacques Barrau (JSO 114-115)
  • Ethno-ecology in Oceania (JSO 120-121)
  • Hertz Revisited (1907-2007) (JSO 124)

The editorial committee has given full consideration to the following themes, fro upcoming issues

  • Ethno-archeology of the Pacific: Tribute to José Garager
  • Pacific Anthropology: Tribute to Bernard Juillerat
  • Oceanian Linguistics, Ethno-linguistics and Oral Traditions: Tribute to Françoise Ozanne-Rivierre
  • Religions and Religiosity of Pacific Societies
  • What Is a Pacific State?
  • The Economy and Economic Dependence of Oceanian Societies
  • Patrimonialization and Commercialization of Oceanian Rites and Culture

For complete information, contact the Editor-In-Chief, Isabelle Leblic at leblic(at), or the Oceanists Society’s secretarial staff at sdo(at)

For a list of summaries, abstracts of articles, progress reports on works, and a list of works accepted for review, go to