The winners of a doctoral grant 2007-2008

The laureates of a doctoral grant

Alice Degorce

« Saying goodbye to yesterday’s suffering. Representation of the dead and networks of relations in Mossi funeral songs and rites (Burkina Faso »

Andréa-Luz Gutierrez-Chocquevilca

« Voices of the masters: Perception of spirits and games of ethnic identifications. Contribution to the study of the socio-ritual system of the Peruvian Quechua of Amazonia »

Stéphanie Khoury

« The Lkhon Khol Khmer: ethnomusicological study of a ritual theatre »

the laureates of a post-doctoral grant

Marc Brightman

« Politics of creativity: approaching a theory of property in Amazonia »

Nicolas Jaoul

« Images and imaginations of protest in India: the political imagery of subordinates »

Stéphane Rennesson

« The staging of fights between ‘non-humans’: animal fighting and shadow theatre in Thailand »

Fanny Wonu Veys

« Revealing the fabric of bark: history of the fabric of bark from Western Polynesia »