Study grant winners 2006-2007

Study grant winners 2006-2007

The winners of a doctoral grant:

Anne-Gaël Bilhaut

 « Ethnogenesis and representations of history among Zápara of Amazonia: objects and dreams, memory makers and memory aids »

Virginie Johan

 « From ‘I’ to performance Kutiyattam style: the ethnoscenology of an epic theatre’ (Kerala, India) ».

Lubomira Palikarska

« From divine images to bill-boards. A study of the knowledge and skills of a caste of painters in the Katmandou valley ».


The winners of a post-doctoral grant

Cyrille Bela Bienvenu

« Anthropo-stylistic study of Fang-Beti-Bulu objects (South Cameroon, North Gabon, North-East Equatorial »

Ludovic Coupaye

« Art, technology and "agency": the great yams of the Abelam of Nyamikum, Papua New-Guinea »

Julie Patrois

« Analysis and iconographic study of pre-hispanic graffiti on the Rio Bec archaeological site and surrounding area » (Campeche, Mexico)

Raphaël Rousseleau

« The tribal art of India »