call for applications - labex cap

Eight post-doctoral contracts are open for the 2013-2014 competition

The PRES héSam "Creation, Art and Heritage" laboratory of excellence (Labex CAP) announces a competitive recruitment for ten researchers at post-doctoral level for a period of one year.

The multi-disciplinary jury, composed of members of the Council and of the Board of Labex, will select the ten most relevant and original research projects proposed in the context of a call for projects falling under the general umbrella of the issues studied by the Labex CAP. These projects will specifically relate to the orientations defined for current research, or the "Heritagisation, heritages and creation" programme which will be presented publicly during the "First international Labex CAP encounters" on 27 and 28 November 2013.

The overall aim of the Labex CAP is based on a methodological hypothesis consisting of uniting teams from institutions preserving, communicating and exhibiting heritage collections and funds with university research teams to undertake research work into questions relating to creation, the arts and heritage. In this context of institutional and disciplinary decompartmentalisation, the corpus and research subjects selected concern creation and the creative process, heritage and the process of heritagisation, and the interaction between heritage and creation (see Appendix 1: state of the art).

The first micro-projects financed by the Labex CAP enabled the concretisation of a number of themes, expressed in particular during the "Labex CAP workshops" on 26 and 27 June 2014. The titles selected for the debates were the following: "Globalisation"; "History of perspectives: archives, memory, creation"; "Artification, heritagisation"; "Creative processes and temporalities"; "Creation and transmission: methods"; "Arts and techniques: questioning categories". The Labex site  ( provides more details on these projects (see also Appendix 2: programme for the 2013 Workshops).

In addition, from Autumn 2013, the Labex CAP embarks upon a multi-year research and debate programme more specifically centred on the current challenges in the heritage field. This is aimed at questioning the development of the very notion of heritage and those of heritage practices in the context of globalisation and the surpassing of nation states and the development of digital tools and networks, but also in connection with their extension to new ever larger and more atemporal fields, such as intangible heritage. This programme allocates particular importance to the theoretical perspective given to heritage practices, or to creative practices "in heritage situations"  (see Appendix 3: Heritagisation, heritage and creation). Inventory and paths for the future.)

Admission conditions
Thesis submitted after 01/09/2009.

Recruitment schedule
- Competition launch date: 26 june 2014
- Closing date for submission of applications: 3 September 2014
- Eligibility phase : 11 October 2014
- Admission phase  (auditions) : 23 October 2014

Duration of recruitment and date of taking up position
- The contracts offered are for a duration of one year.
- The position is taken up from 3 November 2014.

The complete application must be sent no later than 4.00 pm on 3 September 2014 to the following address: labex.creations.patrimoines(at)

In order to simplify the reception and processing of applications, please send all documents relating to your application in pdf format (Lastname_Firstname.pdf). Please optimise the size and resolution of your files. If possible, your whole application should not exceed 5 Mb, and at most 10 Mb.

The application consists of:
- the research project: title, desired host research unit(s) (one or preferably two Labex partner laboratories), presentation of project in French (10,000 characters maximum)
- a curriculum vitae and a list of publications
- PhD diploma
- the thesis submission report (if the thesis was submitted in France)
- letter of motivation
- a significant publication (pdf)
- at least two letters of recommendation from researchers and people recognised in the arts and creative world

NB: Each application is evaluated by two experts external to the Labex Council and Board.
The Council and the Board sit as the jury during the eligibility and admission phases.

Obligations in terms of service and participation in the work of the laboratory

In addition to the research project on which they will be selected, the researchers will take part in the activities of Labex. They will spend two-fifths of their work time contributing to the organisation and execution of promotional activities such as workshops, encounters and study days and to the enhancement of communication media (website, presentation documents etc.) and to the life of the laboratory/host department. They will organise together the Labex monthly post-doctoral seminar.

Post-doctoral researchers will carry out their function in accordance with the European researcher charter.

Expected results

- the candidate undertakes to produce a 40-page study (60,000 characters including spaces) relating to their research subject at the end of the contract. This study will be published in the Labex "Annals" (Publications de la Sorbonne, Paris).
- the candidate will organise, take part in and monitor Labex post-doctoral seminar sessions in order to present and jointly discuss their work.

The recruitment takes place in the form of a fixed term contract. The candidate will receive a monthly net remuneration exclusive of any additional remuneration on the basis of a full time position at a rate of 2361.45 euros.

Selection criteria

The contracts proposed are intended for young researchers. Candidates must hold a PhD diploma and must be able to demonstrate completed work in the research field.
The criteria taken into account by the selection committee are:
- The scientific quality of the project, its originality, its appropriateness in terms of its themes, the Heritage programme or the general themes examined by Labex (see above)
- The profile and suitability of the candidate (scientific skills, experience in the research field, publications)
- The international character of the research (study visits, publications, linguistic skills)
- The relevance of the requested placement(s)

Contact information:
Géraldine Rodrigues, Labex CAP manager : labex.creations.patrimoines(at)
Zinaïda Polimenova, Research control and promotion officer: zinaida.polimenova(at)