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research and teaching department

Missions and ressources


The musée du quai Branly has aimed, since its conception, to fully integrate research and higher teaching into the life of the institution. The department of research and teaching is responsible for conceptualizing and implementing innovative politics both by its scientific scope and by its methods as an organization of the research. It has the vocation of making the museum into an institution of knowledge greatly involved in high-level research and its diffusion, provided with a clear identity and affirmed.

The department ensures the interface between

  • The musée du quai Branly,
  • Research and teaching institutions
  • The community of researchers and French and international university faculty

It is, within the museum,  the partner of intellectual societies.

Welcome place

For students, researchers, faculty and curators, firmly focused on Europe and the international scene, the department has the following objectives:

  • Create original research pertinent to scientific needs,
  • Offer high-level teaching meant for masters and doctoral students,
  • Promote the diffusion of knowledge in human sciences using expert techniques in the field of communication,
  • Develop innovative tools to assist research.

The ressources

La médiathèque © musée du quai Branly, photo Nicolas Borel - Click to enlarge, open in a new window
La médiathèque © musée du quai Branly, photo Nicolas Borel

The ressources

To obtain these objectives, the museum has a diversified group of resources in the service of research and teaching. The department has around ten positions annually to welcome research for variable periods. It can also provide each year  doctoral and post-doctoral grants, as well as a dissertation prize to contribute to the publication of remarkable work.

The researchers and teachers affiliated with the museum – as well as intellectual societies – will have at their disposal

  • A contingent of offices equipped with offices,
  • Three classrooms,
  • Five study rooms for objects near storage,
  • And finally, based on their availability, a 399-seat theater and a 100-seat film hall.



They will also enjoy instruments supporting research established by the library:

  • A research library with 180 seats, approximately 250,000 documents (printed, recorded, and audiovisual), 25,000 of which are readily available to all users,
  • A special collections consultation room,
  • A series of document databases accessible via internet (data bases of the collection of works illustrating and documenting the entirety of objects related to the museum collections, catalog of the library, photo collection – 700,000 documents -, reference database of collections of ethnographic films, annotated directory of scientific sites, etc.),
  • As well as on-line scientific journals.

The teams and individual researchers welcomed into the department can have a dynamic and interactive usage of the Internet by placing on the document website of the museum basic articles open to commentary, as well as their publications they wish to make accessible to the public during their period of association with the museum.

Department events

scientific orientation
The work of the Quai Branly museum's research department focuses on anthropology and sociology, history and the history of art
comité d'évaluation scientifique du musée du quai Branly