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themed focuses

Discover the heritage collections focusing on specific themes.

indian-american collections from Nouvelle-France

discover 369 objects coming from the first encounters between Indian-Americans and Europeans in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth century.

en savoir plus sur les collections amérindiennes de Nouvelle-France

collections from Haïti

there are 397 objects from Haïti in the museum collections

the Claude Lévi-Strauss collections

objects, photographs and archives

objects acquired through donations

68 objects to discover on the occasion of the celebration of the fortieth anniversary of the law on donations

objects presented in past temporary exhibitions

objects in the temporary exhibition Teotihuacan, City of Gods

5 objects from the museum's collections

more information about the exhibition

objects in the temporary exhibition Tarzan !

the 82 objects from the exhibition

more information about Tarzan !

objects in the temporary exhibition Recipes of the gods

the 98 objects from the exhibition

more information about Recipes of the gods

objects in the temporary exhibition Mangareva

known objects from Mangareva island

more information about Mangareva

objects in the temporary exhibition Kwoma Red

paintings by Kowspi Marek, Chiphowka Kowspi and Agatoak Kowspi , contemporary artists from New Guinea (East Sepik province)

for more information on the Kwoma Red exhibition

objects in the temporary exhibition The Colour Trail

objects from the first textile exhibition  in the Quai Branly Museum

for more information on The Colour Trail exhibition