presentation of the catalog

The on-line catalog gives visibility to the ensemble of documents in the media library, available for access in different public spaces and in the stacks, by request to the study and research media library of study. It also allows readers to reserve from a distance.

The catalog of the media library includes nearly 200,000 entries of printed works: monographs, periodicals, references, sale catalogs, exhibition catalogs, theses, geographic maps, and children’s books, but also over 4,000 references of audiovisual documents../fr/enseignement/la-mediatheque/les-collections-de-la-mediatheque/la-collection-des-documents-sonores-et-audiovisuels/index.html.

It distributes the references to documents from the library of the musée de l’Homme and the entirety of the collection of the library of the former Musée national des arts d’Afrique and d’Océanie, to which are have been added the new acquisitions of the musée du quai Branly and gifts of specialists collections: Condominas, Girard, Kerchache, Nesterenko, Rouget, Corpataux, etc. It continually integrates references for new acquisitions.

In the Intranet version of the documentary website, available in the media library spaces, the catalog of the media library allows consultation of sound and audiovisual recordings on computers available to readers. Readers have the possibility of discovering programmingestablished according to the events of the museum or to select titles from the entire collection.

The catalog of the media library is also linked to the thematic page Spectacles du monde.The thematic page distributes abbreviated entries and excerpts of recordings of performances at the musée du quai Branly. The on-line catalog completes the descriptive entries of the performance recordings and distributes as widely as possible, per the copyright, entire versions of audiovisual recordings.

The database of references notes the availability of works and their date of return, in case already borrowed.

The on-line catalog also permits reserving works electronically and in advance.

A center of excellence in the field of ethnology, the media library of the musée du quai Branly participates in interlibrary loan.

For further information, consult the terms of on-line use.