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affiche de l’exposition Chemins de couleurs
affiche de l’exposition Chemins de couleurs

All of the textiles presented here illustrate the variety of styles that allow the decorative technique by reserve-dyeing : certain parts of a fabric are put beyond reach of the dye by a series of manipulations, temporarily creating raised patterns by tying, knotting and sewing. The fabric is then dyed and the reserves removed.

The process, vouched for in the entire world, is simple in principle but offers multiple possibilities; the aesthetic quality of the fabric is revealed through the perception of textures, colours and patterns.

Without claiming to be exhaustive, we aim to do this by showing various examples.

The walk covers three stages :

This file has been conceived and written by Françoise Cousin, the organizer of the exhibition, The Colour Trail.

collection of photos of the walk

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The Colour Trail Exhibition

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