Journey through multi-racial India

Sculpture Bon Pasteur indo-portugais
Bon Pasteur indo-portugais, ivoire, XVIIe siècle, H : 28 cm, L : 21 cm




The virtual exhibition Journey through multi-racial India inaugurates the multi-racial walks section within the framework of the Planète métisse (Mixed Planet) exhibition and website.

The journey invites you to discover the "Rome of the East", Goa, India.

There are two parts to this journey:Goa, a multi-racial land, presents the history of Goa and A multi-racial pantheon in Portuguese India explains how the different processes of racial mixing occurred.

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This virtual exhibition extends the exhibition "A multi-racial pantheon in Portuguese India" published in the electronic journal "New World, New Worlds”, Optika, 24th January 2007, number 7.

this file was designed and written by Martine Amiot-Guigaz

all of the walk photos © mag

Planète métisse (Mixed Planet)

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