The “Carrefour des peuples” (Crossroads of Peoples) acts as a hyphen between Melanesia and Polynesia, and is a remarkable feature presenting the history of this vast “sea of islands” through archaeology, Oceanian peoples, and sailing techniques.

Throughout his Polynesian journey, the visitor is led to discover the relationships between men and their gods, a discovery followed up by displays of items utilised in body arts – artefacts fashioned from feathers, tortoiseshell or mother-of-pearl, all sacred materials and signs of high rank.

The great diversity of styles in this region is demonstrated by the elegant design of kava bowls (kava being a ceremonial drink) and headrests, as it is in the great skill evident in the carved decorations of Maori art in New Zealand.

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© musée du quai Branly - photo Patrick Gries

Casque mahiole

îles Hawaii

Début du 19e siècle
Vannerie tressée de vigne 'ie'ie (Freycinetia arborea), plumes de passereaux forestiers rouges (vestiaria coccinea, 'i'iwi) et jaunes (moho nobilis, 'o'o)
71 x 20 x 59 cm

Ancienne collection Le Goaran de Tromelin

71.1909.19.1 Oc