Aboriginal art from the north and central desert of Australia is a prominent feature of Oceania museography. The “Bark Room” contains an exhibition of fifty or so eucalyptus bark paintings collected in Arnhem Land in the 1960s by Karel Kupka. Multimedia equipment is on hand to evoke production sites, artists and “Dreamtime” myths. The area devoted to Australia also exhibits shields and spear-throwers, whose motifs are still reworked by Aborigine artists. Finally, an exhibition of contemporary acrylic paintings perpetuating Aborigine traditions bears witness to the richness of their culture.

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© musée du quai Branly - photo Patrick Gries

Lumaluma, homme-serpent mythique

Billy Yirawala (1903-1976)
Ecorce d'eucalyptus, pigments naturels
107 x 74 x 4 cm
Australie, Terre d'Arnhem, île Croker


Collectée par Karel Kupka