exploring the collections

interactive visit of the permanent collections

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Envie de mieux préparer votre future découverte du Plateau des Collections, ou de prolonger votre visite ?

Cette visite interactive vous permet d’explorer en détail chaque vitrine du Plateau, continent par continent, et d’accéder aux notices de l’ensemble des objets exposés.

programme Visite interactive voir le programme "visite interactive" (in french)

3D Collections

visuel du programme "Collections 3D"

During the creation of the collections area before its opening, the musée du quai Branly made 3D scans of 352 objects.
Today you can explore these “3D Collections” using the interactive world globe to examine the objects from every angle. 

see " 3D Collections"

highlights 3D visit

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Talk a 3D walk through the museum’s collections: a selection of objects to be discovered from every angle...

programme Visite Flash 3D See the highlights 3D visit

Highlights visit

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The highlights visit presents a selection of a key objects from the museum's collections : to prepare or enrich your visit...

programme Visite flash See the highlights visit

seamless draped clothing

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How can you dress yourself with a simple rectangular piece of material? This intelligent and practical module uncovers the secrets of the Massai shuka, the Indian sari and dhoti, the Berber haik and the Tahitian pareo. This is the art of wrapping which varies across the continents (see the photos, texts, and testimonies) and which is used by contemporary fashion designers… To print: the indispensable do-it-yourself info sheet to help you wrap and drape your own clothes!

programme vêtements drapés sans coupe See the seamless draped clothing programme  (in french)

nomad habitats

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The Mongolian steppe, the African forest, the Sahara Desert, the Arctic ice fields or the American Great Plains: choose your destination! The museum’s virtual minibus will take you to the door of the yurt, tent, igloo or teepee. You will meet nomads – Mongolians, Pygmies, Tuaregs, Inuits or American Indians – and learn about their history and everyday life.

programme Habitats nomades See the nomad habitats programme   (in french)

it's 100% natural!

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The museum’s permanent collection area is transformed into an immense virtual landscape: each geographical region (Africa, Asia, Oceania and America) is symbolised by its principal natural resource: savannah, paddy fields, ocean and rainforest. In just a few clicks you can set off on a journey of discovery of the rites and secrets of the zebu, seashell, feather or grain of rice.

programme C'est tout naturel See the it’s 100% natural programme (in french)

portrait of Jacques Kerchache

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An interactive saunter through the fascinating world of Jacques Kerchache.
Explore this "room of treasures", where mementos, masterpieces and curiosities mingle.

portrait de Jacques Kerchache See the portrait of Jacques Kerchache (in french)