Legends of Indian snakes

couverture de Manasa

Manasa, the serpent goddess, is an important deity for Indians, so much so that it is not rare to see Indian families devoted a temple just for her. Exhibited at the musée du quai Branly, her sculpture is the starting point of a trip to India, on the lookout for legends of Indian snakes. From Gita Wolf’s texts which assemble the greatest Hindu and Buddhist myths on this creature which inhabits spirits and forests alike, Ianna Andréadis recreates a fascinating graphic universe very close to abstraction.

With silkscreen printing and made through traditional methods in India, this book is the second title of a collection in which Ianna Andréadis establishes the link between the pieces in the musée du quai Branly and their country of origin, for the four continents: The Americas, Africa, Asia, Oceania. The first one was on Aztec Bestiary (co-edition with Petra ediciones, Mexico).


48 pages in 17 x 6.69 in format

Printed by craftsmen in India (silkscreen printing)

Cardboard covered silkscreen binding

25 illustrations

Sale price to the public: 14.90 €

EAN: 9782 357440 10 4

Coedition musée du quai Branly – Tara books (India)

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A plastic artist, Ianna Andreadis was born in Athens. Travel and nature are the inspiring forces behind her paintings whereas her photographs draw inspiration from the urban environment. She exhibits her works regularly in Paris. In 2006, she published Chantier ouvert au public (A construction site open to the public), a photographical narrative of the construction of the musée du quai Branly, and Bestiaire aztèque (Aztec bestiary) in 2008. In 2006, Dias/tonaltin, published by Petra Ediciones, was received the New horizons award at the young reader’s book fair in Bologna.

Gita Wolf is Indian. The author of a number of books for children, she founded Tara Publications in 1994 and is today among the most creative figures in the Indian publication industry. Several of her books have been released in France, among which Beasts of India (Actes Sud, 2007), In the dark (Tourbillon, 2004), The Very Hungry Lion (Le Seuil, 2003), Antigone (Milan, 2003)…