the Jazz century

under the direction of Daniel Soutif

Jazz stands as one of the major artistic events of the 20th century. This music, which appeared in the first years of the century, is more than a mere musical genre. It revolutionized the music world and also initiated a new way of being in 20th century society.

From its African-American roots, jazz quickly became universal by introducing artistic influences from Africa, America and Europe and had a profound influence on the history of art in the last century. Throughout the 20th century jazz in effect became more a major symbol and a source of inspiration and creativity than a phenomenon or passing trend.

Universally recognisable, Jazz is not only a type of music, it is also a state of mind influencing a number of artistic fields. Painting, literature, photography, film, graphic design, all the last century’s fields of aesthetic production bear the marks of jazz having moved through their worlds in a more or less visible, more or less constant, and more or less explicit way depending on the times.


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