Photoquai 2007

In 2007, the Quai Branly Museum inaugurated a new festival in Paris, a festival of images that are associated with the non-western world.  Photoquai, the biennale of World images.

This international festival of revelation (not consecration) is located on the quays of the River Seine and the Debilly footbridge, around the Quai Branly Museum and in a dozen other partner institutions. For its first showing, it has gathered together photographers and artists of today, without leaving out those who belong to the history of World photography that is still to be written.

‘The world watching the world’ is the overall theme for the first year, and it has brought together non-Western photographers, whose point of view is resolutely artistic and far removed from exotic visions and photo-reportage images.

Photoquai is both a popular demonstration that’s accessible to all, and a focussed event for alert amateurs and professionals, and it has linked the exhibitions of monographs along the outdoors walkways, along the banks of the Seine, to the exhibitions inside the institutions, including the exceptional encounters in the Théâtre Claude Lévi-Strauss and workshops with partner schools.

The general catalogue is both a high quality illustrated book and a memorial to the demonstration, and constitutes the reference book to the biennale.  All the photographs shown along the river feature in it, along with the exhibitions by the dozens of partners.


264 pages in 20 cm x 30 cm format

250 illustrations

price : 35 €

isbn 978-2-915133-63-9 / 978-2-350390-49-9

A co-publication by the musée du quai Branly/Éditions Nicolas Chaudun

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exhibition curator

Jean Loup Pivin, artistic director of Photoquai 2007.