kanak, art is a word

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Edited by Emmanuel Kasarhérou and Roger Boulay

The exhibition Kanak, l'Art est une parole and its catalogue are structured according to the same principle, based on 5 “faces”, symbols of the Kanak word, and on “reflections”, which trace the evolution of the Western view of the Kanak world.

Edited by Emmanuel Kasarhérou and Roger Boulay, exhibition curators, with texts and in-depth descriptions by Alban Bensa, Patrice GodinAnna Paini, Paul Matharan, Mario Mineo, Cécile Mouillard and Élise Patole-Edoumba.

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340 pages • 24 x 31.7 cm • €47
Co-published by Musée du quai Branly and Actes Sud