the making of images

Visions of the world and forms of representation

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the making of images allows one to see how very diverse cultures represent the similarities and differences they see in their surroundings. The resulting images correspond to four contrasting views of the world found in the works of the five continents: Animism, naturalism, totemism, and analogism.

This surprising journey through the unexplored domain of representation introduces a selection of different types of works, chosen irrespectively of their space/time categorisations. As the reader turns the pages, they will discover how the most familiar and the most enigmatic images present different ways of experiencing the world.

The author

Collective work under the direction of Philippe Descola, anthropologist, director of studies at EHESS and professor at the Collège de France. Author of Par-delà la nature et la culture (Gallimard, Bibliothèque des sciences humaines), 2005.


224 pages

150 illustrations

22 x 27,5 cm


35 €

EAN : 978 2 757 20322 4

Co-edited by the musée du quai Branly / Somogy éditions d’art

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Ways of Seeing, Ways of Representing, Philippe Descola

1. A world brought to life

Presentation, Philippe Descola

See as another sees: Amazonian Representations of the Soul and Bodies, Anne-Christine Taylor

Miniatures and size variations among the Inuit, Frédéric Laugrand

Animal bodies and souls in Siberia: From animist love to the analogic Altaï, Charles Stepanoff

2. An objective world

Presentation, Philippe Descola

The painter and the scientist: The manufacture of images in the Golden Age of Dutch Painting, Michael Taylor

“Photography” between nature and artifact, Monique Sicard

3. . A subdivided world

Presentation, Philippe Descola

From earth to canvas: Acrylic paintings of central Australia, Françoise Dussart

The art of connection: Figurative traditions and perception of images in Arnhem Land, Australia, Jessica de Largey

4. A tangled world

Presentation, Philippe Descola

Imaginary Animals and Composite Beings, Dimitri Karadimas

The different images of Sheik Amadou Bamba in Dakar, Allen Roberts

"Repetition for Its Own Sake:" Iterative arts of Senegal

Simultaneity of visions:Nierika in the Art and Rituals of the Huichols, Johannes Neurath


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