Kodiak, Alaska

The masks in the Alphonse Pinart Collection

The masks in the Alphonse Pinart collection

The catalogue of the first exhibition to be held in the musée du quai Branly.

The collection of Alutiiq masks that Alphonse Pinet brought back in 1871 from his first voyage to Alsaka provides insight into a key period in the history of a region that was still marked by Russian colonisation. Alphonse Pinart was an intrepid and learned young scientist aged 19, who managed to gather an exceptional collection during this perilous expedition.

The exhibition catalogue presents over a hundred of these artworks, which constitute invaluable ethnographic evidence of a forgotten culture. Contributions by specialists around the world shed light on the latest research into a period of massive upheaval in the history of this 5000 year-old civilisation. It also provides insight into the voyages undertaken by Alphonse Pinart, which remain shrouded in mystery.


256 pages, 22 cm x 28 cm
120 color illustrations
Price : 50 €
ISBN 2-915133-31-X / 2-0801-87660-363

A co-publication by the musée du quai Branly/Adam Biro



exhibition curator

Emmanuel Désveaux, anthropologist and senior lecturer at EHESS, former director of the Education and Research Project at the musée du quai Branly.


Dominique Desson, ethnologist
Veronika Grahammer, ethnologist ; Sven Haakanson Jr, director of the Alutiiq Museum and Archeological Repository (Kodiak)
Camille Françoise Halley-des Fontaines-Poiret, curator at the Château-musée de Boulogne-sur-mer
R. G. Liapounova, curator, St Petersburg Museum of Anthropology and Ethnology (†)
Jean-Loup Rousselot, curator, assistant director of the Staatiches Museum für Völkerkunde, Munich
Félix Torrès, ethno-historian