RSS feed and podcast

What is an RSS feed?

RSS feeds (meaning Really Simple Syndication or RDF Site Summary) are feeds that list free contents available on websites and which contain titles or news flashes, audio files and videos, allowing you to access the full text or download the audio or video file by simply clicking on the link. They are updated automatically, on your computer screen, without having to connect to the original website.

The news published on the musée du Quai Branly website can therefore automatically be added to your website or to your sources of information that have already been aggregated thanks to an RSS feed player.

You can download the conferences of the Open University to listen to your chosen material whenever you wish to do so.

Playing from your browser

When surfing with a browser that allows RSS feed to be read, you will see the orange  flux rss logo signalling the availability of an RSS feed appear in the top right hand side of your browser. If you click on this logo you will automatically add this RSS feed to your browser's dynamic Favourites. 

Internet Explorer

The latest version of Internet Explorer allows the reading of RSS feeds

Download IE


Download and install "FIREFOX", the new generation of Internet browser.

Download Firefox (for all operating systems)

Safari (Mac OS X)

The latest version of “SAFARI” includes an RSS feed aggregator. To find out more read the tutorial on the Apple website.

RSS with Safari

If you have any queries or problems please e-mail: contact(at)

Keep in touch with news from the musée du Quai Branly thanks to the RSS feeds!


The musée du Quai Branly has created RSS feeds featuring the last ten updates of the website for internet users.

NEW: podcasts of the Open University conferences are now available. You can download them as MP3s and listen to all the conferences organised by the Museum since September 2007.

How can I subscribe?

You can subscribe to the RSS feeds by clicking on the following links:

Click here to subscribe to the Open University podcast

Click here to subscribe to the RSS news feed

for conferences (MP3 format)

To receive, play and manage your subscription, an aggregator is necessary to signal the updates of a subscription.

Copy and paste the following link in your aggregator.


Here is a list of the most popular aggregators:

  • Google Reader : audio, video, image or text feed reader;
  • iTunes: audio and video;
  • Miro: aggregator and multimedia player.

for news (text format) you can manage your subscription from a personal portal

If you wish to add this feed to a personal Internet portal (such as Netvibes or iGoogle),

click on the link above or copy the URL (


which will appear in the address bar of the feed player browser.