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    1. FolderLes productions audiovisuelles du musée 
      1. PageArts du mythe : the documentary serie The Quai Branly museum is a co-producer alongside ARTE and Program 33 of the series "Arts du mythe" devoted to primitive art
    2. Foldermuseum publications discover all the Quai Branly museum's publications: exhibition catalogues, collections catalogues, architectural, scientific and youth publications, CD ROMs, DVDs…
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    3. Foldernewsletter sign up for the Quai Branly museum newsletter to receive advance information on the exhibitions, cultural and scientific events, ...
    4. PageRSS feed and podcast Keep up to date with news from the Quai Branly museum through the RSS feed. Download Open University conferences through the podcast service.
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    1. Foldervisit the museum 
      1. Pageaccess The Quai Branly museum, close to the Eiffel Tower, is easily accessible using public transport or by car. Check opening hours, ticket prices, ... here
    2. Pagerestaurant service The Quai Branly museum has two restaurants: the Café Branly and Les Ombres restaurant
    3. Pageticket office Reserve your tickets for the Quai Branly museum online (exhibitions, performances…)
    4. Foldermembers There are numerous benefits to membership: free entry, priority access, reduced ticket prices… Friends have a privileged role in museum life
      1. PageBecome a member Become a member of the Quai Branly museum and enjoy numerous benefits: free entry, priority access, reduced price for performances
    5. Pagediary The Quai Branly museum's cultural, educational and scientific calendar: performances, exhibitions, conferences, concerts, film screenings, workshops, training, courses…
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      1. Pageentirely public adults A unique place, the Quai Branly museum offers a novel approach to non-Western cultures: guided or themed tours, workshops, internships...
      2. Folderteachers The Quai Branly museum has many activities to offer school groups and teachers.
      3. Folderfamilies with kids discover a unique place, the Quai Branly museum offers a novel approach to non-Western cultures and activities for the whole family in the very heart of Paris
      4. Foldergroups find out the practical details about group visits to the Quai Branly museum: rates, activities, reservations…
      5. Pageyouths - students discover the free evenings for young people, make the most of the Quai Branly museum's cultural activities with the 18-25 year-old Quai Branly pass
      6. Folderprofessionals and associations The museum offers business people the opportunity to reserve private function rooms for events. Contact for the use of museum photographs
      7. Pageforeign visitors Near the Eiffel Tower, the Quai Branly offers a novel approach to non-Western cultures. This great Parisian museum has many foreign-language tools
      8. Pagedisabled visitors The museum of non-Western cultures is a place which is accessible to everyone including disabled visitors. It offers activities adapted to visitors' disabilities.
    7. Folderareas The different areas in the Quai Branly museum: discover the collections area, the Claude Lévi-Strauss theatre, the multimedia library, the reading room…
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    1. Folderexhibitions all you need to know about the ongoing exhibitions at the Quai Branly museum, find out what's coming next, check past exhibitions
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    2. Pageguided tours there are many different ways to visit the Quai Branly designed for all ages: guided tours with stories, exploration, introduction, exhibitions…
    3. Pagereading room events The documentation and news area of the museum is open to all visitors and offers books on the art and culture of Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas
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    1. Folderpermanent collections 
      1. Pageexploring the permanent collections The museum of primitive art brings together collections from Oceania, Asia, Africa and America: masks, tapa cloths, garments, musical instruments, etc.
      2. FolderOceania The museum exhibits collections of objects from Oceania, i.e. Melanesia, Polynesia, Australia and Southeast Asia
      3. PageAmericas The museum exhibits collections of objects from American Indian peoples from Alaska to the Andes mountains, from pre-conquest times to modern times
      4. PageAfrica The Quai Branly museum holds one of the most important collections of African art in the world: works of exceptional richness and variety from the Maghreb, sub-Saharan Africa, Madagascar…
      5. PageAsia The Asian collections of the Quai Branly shed light on contemporary societies and provide precious testimony to a considerable number of often forgotten peoples.
      6. Pagefour exceptional collections The Quai Branly museum holds 4 particularly rich and valuable collections: textiles, photographs, musical instruments and the history collection
    2. Folderthe life of collections discover what's new in the Quai Branly museum collections: new works of art on display, acquisitions, etc. as well as partnerships with other institutions
    3. Folderinteractive programmes Discover the Quai Branly museum's interactive programmes: specific or themed tours, teaching files, artists' perspectives, exhibition sites, etc.
  5. Folderteaching & research 
    1. Folderresearch and teaching department Discover the Quai Branly museum's research and teaching department, its missions and the resources it places at the disposal of researchers and teachers
      1. Pagescientific orientation The work of the Quai Branly museum's research department focuses on anthropology and sociology, history and the history of art
    2. Folderresearch The museum contributes to research in various disciplines: anthropology and sociology, history, the history of art, linguistics, ethnomusicology, cultural technology, etc.
      1. PageThe GDRI: anthropology and art history The Quai Branly works in partnership with the CNRS in order to create an interdisciplinary scientific research network, devoted to the development and dissemination of anthropological and historical studies on the arts.
    3. Folderlearned Societies The museum houses 4 Learned Societies which promote the research and dissemination of knowledge in their specific area of study through conferences and by publishing reviews and books
    4. Pageeducation The Quai Branly museum hosts teaching activities connected to its collections or corresponding to scientific themes which are related to Western and non-Western art, heritage, museum institutions, etc..
    5. Folderthe media library The multimedia library contains documents on ethnology and the history of extra-European art for a diverse audience: university students, professionals working in the area of cultural heritage and the general public.
      1. Pageto consult the catalogues on-line the Quai Branly museum provides important electronic resources: catalogue of objects, image library, collections documentation, reviews, etc.
      2. Folderthe mediatheque collections Documentary resources on the art and civilizations of Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas are available: books, sound and audiovisual works, reviews and graphic items
      3. Pageenhance your museum visit There are two consultation areas available: the Jacques Kerchache reading room which is open to all, the multimedia study and research library which is reserved for researchers
      4. Pagestudy at the mediatheque The multimedia study and research library allows you to consult print documents and sound, audiovisual and electronic works on non-Western art and civilization
      5. Pageconsult the iconotheque or the reserve collections The Quai Branly image library holds the photographic resources of the Museum of Man and the former National Museum of African and Oceanian Art
      6. Pageconsult the archives and documentation of the collections The museum holds archives on the history of the Quai Branly museum collections
  6. Folderscientific documentation The Quai Branly provides a digital version of all its collections to facilitate access to heritage documentation and contribute to promoting research and the human and social sciences
  7. Foldersupport the museum / privatise 
    1. FolderHow can I support the museum ? Become a patron of the Quai Branly museum by supporting new exhibition projects, enhancing the documentary archives and new teaching activities
    2. Foldergreat sponsors The Circle of Great Patrons is formed by businesses which support the Quai Branly museum.
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    3. PageFriends of the musée du quai Branly the Friends society was created to support and contribute to the development and influence of the Quai Branly museum both in France and abroad
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